Sadko renamed “Sinbad” in this English-dubbed version tries to find a mythological bird for a destitute town. In the third General Hospital short, Dr. Set at a tiny airfield in a small California town, married couple Harry and Beth run a jump school. A reporter attempts to expose a botanist who kidnaps women in a plan to keep his wife healthy and youthful. In the short, Gumby programs robots to do his chores for him, with disastrous results. First episode with Hampton Yount as Crow T. In the argument, she slips and falls; the pianist has a chance to save her, but lets her fall to her death.

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It attacks Japan, yet seemingly befriends a young boy. A teenager becomes possessed by a sentient, disembodied arm of an irradiated astronaut. Guest appearance by football player Robert Smiththen of the Minnesota Vikings. Retrieved November 12, The trucj reviews the vehicular misdeeds of an accident victim in a Heaven -like courtroom.

Notify me of new posts via email. I Accuse My Parents With short: Sword-and-sorcery film about a prince rescuing a princess from an evil wizard.


Inthe film was featured on Mystery Science Theateras experiment Edit Cast Episode cast overview: A Lassie movie, set in s California amongst mst3i gold miners. Last episode for Comedy Central.

Robot Tom Servo Gypsy Cambot. In the rruck of three brief segments from the soap opera General Hospital featured as shorts on the series, Dr.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Radar Men from the MoonPart 7: First appearance of Kevin Murphy as Tom Servo.

Use the HTML below. The guys analyze the main character from the movie and reenact a few choice scenes. A group of teens are injured in a car wreck, and must elude their grim reaper before time runs out. He shrinks to their size and is imprisoned by them. Here Comes the Circus.

An astronaut crashes on an asteroid populated by tiny aliens at war with another planet. Rocky Jones fights space pirates, the evil Queen Cleolanta, and her lieutenant Atlansan.

A defecting Russian scientist turns into a monster after being caught in an atomic bomb explosion and wanders around the test range, killing various people. Contrary to most of the uninformed and silly reviews on this documentary, this movie “The Truck Farmer” is a serious educational piece intended to inform trufk of the ‘s where their He performs experiments fruck intruders and feeds his enemies to a pond-dwelling octopus.


In this short, four young women learn the value of home economics degrees. Add the first question. Devil Fish Shark rosso nell’oceano.

I Accuse My Parents

Quest of mzt3k Delta Knights. The evil Doctor Fu Manchu threatens to freeze the Earth’s oceans, and abducts a talented scientist with heart problems. Mystery Science Theater Shorts. Hercules attempts to free a city from a Moon-worshiping cult.

The Truck Farmer () – IMDb

The commentary on the film and short is the same in both versions of the episode. A drag-racing crooner investigates his friend’s death and becomes a courier for drug dealers. The Moviewas also released on April 19,