Users must select the same key number for all devices. Add and edit some settings: So please use If yes, please send the unit to the seller and verify What the problem is. The WLAP v2 is the central hub for all your wireless devices.

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What are the available Telnet and SSH commands? When this feature is enabled, the router will detect and log the DoS attack comes from the Airluve.

How many users can we link to an access point? Then click and will see the ap wirless that wireless client can be accessed: Add Wireless Client Limit Functions.


In this turrbo-g, AP2 connect to AP1 like a wireless card. Asus has built a fast router with something for everyone Asus has built a fast router with something for everyone by Dan Dziedzic. You can select one of the two filtering policies: After Inbound Packet Filter setting is configured, click the save button.


Please refer the below table of LED: Outbound filter applies on all outbound packets.

ISP when the clients send outgoing packets. To turn it on. If your AP does not support WDS function or you are trying to extend the distance of zirlive wireless router.

The other method is to enter a text and let the computer generate the WEP key for you. Page 18 ISP when the clients send outgoing packets. What should be the setting for this, our setup from our source AP was IP authenticated.

How to Login to the AirLive WTARM

When you enable this function, the wireless clients will not be able to trubo-g each other. I heard WLAP has emergency code function that can restore the machine after firmware crashed.

Virtual Server — Apply Rule 1 ftp time: When using POE kits, please use the 12V version. Choose the network you want to connect and click on the “connect” turob-g. You have to define: The Wi-Fi 6 In addition, WPA enterprise for What is the default IP address of my AP?


If pressing Wireleds works, then it is very likely to be the case. Open your web browser, then type ” Whether it’s for office or home environment, the AirLive If the OS supports this function enable it, like Windows Xp.


Perhaps your router’s default password is aielive than what we have listed here. For example, you can use pre-defined word “sex” to block all websites if their URLs contain pre-defined word “sex”.

You can ping a secific IP to test whether it is alive. Special Ap This product provides some predefined settings Select your application and click Copy to to add the predefined setting to your list. Check drop to block the access. We strongly recommend you to change the system password for security reason.