Run and write up the proposed study to test a simple hypothesis. Exact power and sample size calculations. Everyday observation and formal research. Conceptualization, operationalization, and measurement. Spurious evidence for multidimensionality due to item categorization. Methods of formal data collection. Citations Publications citing this paper.

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Why can methods for comparing means have relatively low power, and what can you do to correct the problem? March 12 – Exploratory report must be done by February Due April 23, 4 pm.

Defining the study population. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology55 Begin oral reports in class on exploratory study results.

The Impact of Continuity Violation on ANOVA and Alternative Methods – Semantic Scholar

The logic of sampling. Replication and theory development in organizational science: The total design method.

Mail and telephone surveys: Academy of Management Journal, 38 Invalidation of parametric and nonparametric statistical tests by concurrent violation of two assumptions. Ahd of student research project ideas for explanatory study. Annual Review of Sociology, 17 Turning observations or interviews into numbers. Significance test or effect size? Cohen Psychological bulletin A Reinterpretation of Gregoire and Driver.


The idea of causation in social research. The robustness of the F. References Publications referenced by this paper.

Topics addressed will include discussion of hypothesis development, study design, sampling, written and telephone surveys, field observation, and experimentation. Many students find this course helpful for pre-testing and doing pilot studies for their dissertation.

Business Administration RESEARCH DESIGN

The ethics and politics of social research. The anatomy of impact: Ethical issues in research. Providing feedback to study participants. Regular class attendance and participation. Analysis of ordinal data to detect. Strategies for theorizing from process data.

The Impact of Continuity Violation on ANOVA and Alternative Methods

By clicking accept or continuing to use the site, you agree to the terms outlined in our Privacy PolicyTerms of Serviceand Dataset License. Current Directions in Psychological Sciencedwta, The practice of social research.

Analysis of LikertScale Data: This course provides students with practical experience in using one or more social science methods of research by designing, administering, analyzing, reintedpretation writing up data on a topic of their choice.