An all-new touch friendly UI with easily accessible control bars. It doesn’t seem like a coincidence that the VivoTab Smart’s thin cover is similar in design to that other Smart Cover, the one designed for the iPad. The only downside there is that because the charging port sits on the top edge of the keyboard, the cord curls up against the propped up tablet, partially obstructing your view of the screen. In our grueling rundown test, which consists of looping a movie with WiFi on and the display brightness fixed at a constant level, we got exactly seven and a half hours of battery life. Basically, then, the camera might feel a bit slow, but if these samples are any indication, it’s not actually that hard to end up with a pristine shot.

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In fact, though, they’re surprisingly easy to type on.

for ASUS VivoTab Smart 10.1″ ME400 LCD Screen Display Panel

We’d also add that most of our photos were free of blur, which is a bit surprising, just because we always felt keenly aware of a little shutter lag. As for the photos themselves, most colors look pleasant, though there was an instance or two when whatever it is we were trying to shoot came out much darker than in real life vivotqb a look at that surreal navy sky in our sample gallery — that was a daytime shot! Summary For people who want a relatively inexpensive device running full Windows 8, the VivoTab Smart offers far and away the best value.

With the most precise processing protocols and codecs, dual-speakers provide an unforgettable audio experience. Include photo and video captures, or even audio notes. We’d also hope that ASUS squeezes out a little more runtime on the next-gen model, especially since the keyboard doesn’t have a vvotab battery of its own.


The HP Envy x2 lasts nearly eight hours for instance, while the Acer Iconia W is capable of nearly eight and a half. Plenty of media content is ready to enrich your life!

When the VivoTab Smart was first announced, there were some tech bloggers who suggested it came with a Surface-style keyboard. We’ll just spoil the punch line right here: Sure, it’s not as comfy as the ThinkPad Tablet 2’s keyboard nothing isbut we had few issues using it to type out a chunk of this very review.

Be the first to review the VivoTab Smart? Windows 8 Fresh Paint The ultimate canvas for big ideas. Or you could pay less for the VivoTab Smart and get more built-in storage, along with a perfectly serviceable typing experience didplay good-enough battery life.

Pros Pleasing design Lots of built-in storage for the price Good camera Optional keyboard is easy to pack, comfortable to type on. Even with the brightness cranked all the way up, we struggled to frame shots in the Camera app, though a little shade and some squinting should help you get by.

You can’t miss it: Even then, we weren’t fans of the Smart PC’s keyboard dock, and we experienced glitches on multiple review units, too.

We got hands-on with the white model, and indeed, the review unit we took home was white too. All specifications are subject to change without notice. A 2MP front and 8MP rear auto-focus camera with flash allow for easy video-chat and astonishing digital photography. That’s particularly good news since the optional TranSleeve folds up in such a way that you can’t adjust the viewing s,art, but we’ll talk about that in much more detail later.

Unlike a map, though, you couldn’t fold this thing the wrong way even if you tried. It doesn’t seem like a coincidence that the VivoTab Smart’s thin cover is similar in design to that other Smart Cover, the one designed for the asux.


ASUS VivoTab Smart Me400c LCD Screen Display Flex Cable Ribbon Genuine OEM

Yes, with four different color options, it looks kind of like that Smart Cover. TranSleeve What’s nice is that once you fold the cover up, magnets keep the makeshift dock in place so that it doesn’t flop around.

There’s only one correct way to transform this into a dock, so whatever you do, all roads eventually lead to right. Simply link and pair up with various NFC-enabled vivogab and peripherals to read or share information.

All in vivltab, it’s perhaps not as premium-looking as ASUS’ metal-clad Infinity tabletbut that doesn’t mean we like it any less. ASUS Cloud enables access to all your documents, photos, music and more from any device. We had no problem opening apps, or switching between them when we had a bunch open at once. Our p video, too, looked crisp, though it wasn’t totally free of ghosting once we brought some fast-moving subjects into the mix.

ASUS VivoTab Smart review: a good, inexpensive Windows 8 tablet

That’s not a quirk we’ve noticed on every Windows 8 tablet we’ve tested. That’s the same charging standard that the tablet uses, so in theory you could travel vivofab just one cable and switch off as needed. It’s also an IPS panel — one rated for nits of brightness, at that.