During pre-season August for CRHS Boys Soccer, Trevor became fatigued and developed problems with his leg muscles which made it hard for him to keep up with his teammates. Talk about a relaxing atmosphere. To think of all the things to get excited about when there is so much to be done! Haas passed away earlier this week. He remembers the day his life changed forever. Barbara Jeffries Mongelluzzo and I confirmed the date and will be announcing many more details soon.

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To make matters worse, some of the administration people were stealing food provided for the incarcerated.

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The fish were still there. A stream that branches off the raceway runs through the zoo.

But, of the 1 in every 5 in the county living below the poverty level, we have the biggest share. As an aside, will State College be getting indoor plumbing at any point in the near future?

They produced kegs of nails in one day. Not every buyer is a supplier either. Brown was a sailor in the Civil War who was a slave until he was emancipated.


Police Blotter

Then he came back home to Bridgeton to create an entire historic library. And I got many stories about their service. He was dismissed from the football program by head coach Doug Marrone. Try driving in Bridgeton with all the vanamwn drivers! First, since officials did not know how long it would take to refill the lake this summer, the recreation department did not have the time to hire the needed lifeguards.

City leaders want to turn that anger to hope. Acutally, the lake, bolstered by some heavy rains, filled in about vwnaman week after the gate was shut on June 1.

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The public works department has been bolstered recently by the addition of eight summer workers — high school and college students — Dellaquila said. This Saturday night, we are hosting a great comedy show with promoter Mike KC, a Vineland firefighter.

He remembers his sister being used as a test case. The land farmed by his people was the worst around when they first started farming it. Any day of the year, you would see him walking the streets of Bridgeton tossing a Pepsi can from hand to hand.

His father was arrested immediately and thrown in the San Diego jail as an enemy alien. So Frank, the last to be released, headed east to Seabrook for a visit. But, that was all. Brecht told the group about a new initiative called Love Where You Barey, where you take pride in your community.


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Naturally, Frank Ono attended from this area. This is a BYOB affair. His wife teaches in elementary school. He even took the fitness instructor home and made her vana,an it. Teachers came in from the outside. July 12, The rains came, and with them came the true rebirth of Sunset Lake. Haas said we need more jobs and manufacturing.

How can everyone have tolerance when they have lost respect!

You know we love you and have proven that over and over with stories of your selflessness triggered by used sleeping apparel being found one morning on the steps of your office. Two years barey, he asked if he could rejoin the police force. They did a community day, and people stole catsup bottles.