Creates backups of device setting information and hard disk data. The time now is You can receive the scan data sent from the machine to the shared folder and share it with a client computer. In order for it to pass authentication to the share, it appends the username with the Workgroup from the Print Settings section. If you are not sure of the user name, check with the command prompt cmd. Here’s how to set it up. Windows 10 October Update.

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Are you in Europe? As of September 30,we discontinued dealing with Copy Protection Utility on our new products. Specifies authentication settings, address book settings, network settings and more.

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Go to main contents. Login user name of the SMB server Windows computer Set the user name specified in step 8 of “Creating a shared folder on the Windows desktop.

Please select another Change Location.

Concerning target drivers, etc. If you are using Image Controller IConly the user name is required.

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Are you in United States? In addition, provision and support of download ended on September 30, Scanning using browser The easiest way and the fastest – much faster than twain is to scan the documents in a user box, then go to the computer were you want to transfer the file, open an Internet browser on scamner computer, write the copier network address in the address bar eg: You will then be in the Address Book.



Notification of end of support scannwr As of September 30,we discontinued dealing with Copy Protection Utility on our new products. Here’s how to set it up. Locally-sourced materials to download Some materials are only available to download from the local website. Originally Posted by femchi.

I dissagree that this is the fastest way, although it does work the user has to open up IE, navigate to the scqnner page, open the box, change the user box mode, specify the download settings, then finally download the file. Then type in the password for the user account, and click OK. To give access permission to a specific group or user, click [Add] and add the group or user.

Windows Server Support Information. Last zcanner by emujo; at For more information, please contact Konica Minolta customer service or service provider. We will need that info later.

I’m using windows vista 64 bitthere is other computer that uses xp but it works great with bizhub scanner. Next Share that folder with Everyone in the share and give it full control. This is the navigation link for moving toward in this page. Recently I had a customer who needed c3353 to setup the ability to scan to a SMB share.


I reviewed the manual which provided basic information but after following it, I could not get the scanner to save the scanned document on the server. Add a check mark to [Share this folder] and click [Permissions]. You can find the user name on the command prompt cmd. Using a packet capture tool, I was able to see why it was not working and able to resolve. Click the [Security] tab and click [Edit]. Net Care Device Manager is available as a succeeding product with the scannner function.

This I discovered by using WireShark and capturing the packets.

I just got confused.