See Trademarks for appropriate markings. You should see the confirmation message Connection Established! Press Y to confirm your operating system. The CLI tool is useful when the drivers installation or uninstallation is executed from a script or batch file. PortNumber Master host port number. Some of the drivers have only x86 bit versions The drivers platform should be considered based on the target application platform.

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The installer comes with bit x86 and bit x64 versions of DataDirect ODBC drivers and this key determines which set will be installed. Enter your licensing information: Net Oracle provider Performance Wizard for Connect for.

Installing on Linux Systems. Java-based utility used to log network packets between a database and driver. Performance 64-vit for Connect for. Name to associate with the registration. The available values are listed in the drivers section.

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Z Unpack the files. Industry-leading DataDirect Connect for ODBC drivers offer database connectivity from all types of applications, to all major databases, across all major platforms. Connect for ODBC drivers offer reliability, ease of use and the most advanced functionality for the best experience connecting your applications to data.


Enter the details for your chosen Greenplum Database instance. datafirect

English has been set as 64-bti installation language. Day One Support for disruptive technologies with frequent release cycles. Please note that these applications are not supported Progress DataDirect products. Built-in debugging capabilities Easy to install and use Live customer support.

The installer displays the license agreement. Rather, they are provided as a convenience to customers who may be looking for simple front-end test or debugging tools.

Tab navigation Solution overview Solution details.

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It also automatically detects the current application’s platform and selects the corresponding x86 or x64 option. Datadirecy “classic” ODBC drivers from database vendors and other suppliers, DataDirect’s unique wire protocol ODBC drivers eliminate the need to connect to the database through database client libraries.

Choose options appropriate for your installation.

Enter YES to accept the above agreement: The list with the bit DataDirect ODBC drivers includes all the databases that have bit drivers and adds the following ones, listed below:. OdbcTest bit for Windows Itanium unicode: Ensure that you see the expected version number.


DataDirect ODBC Drivers for Pivotal Greenplum | Pivotal Greenplum Docs

Wire protocol drivers do not require the database vendor’s client software to be installed. Accept the default installation directory or choose a custom directory. ODBC drivers enable third party applications to connect via a common interface to the Pivotal Greenplum Database system.

Graphical wizard that can be used to configure your application for optimal performance. We keep our SSL version upto 64-bt. NET or ODBC data provider, but these providers usually require downloading, installing and datadjrect up a 3rd party driver on the client’s machine, which makes the setup unnecessarily complicated.

DataDirect ODBC Drivers for Pivotal Greenplum

The DataDirect drivers are recognized as a market leading product, providing high performance and rich data sources coverage. Prerequisites Install KornShell ksh on your system if it is not 6-4bit. When the directory name contains spaces, the argument value must be quoted.