Electromechanical coupling device that provides an electrical interface that can be mated and unmated. When discussing data cabling, “wire” and “conductor” are synonymous. They are held in place by screws, either UTS now largely obsolete or metric M3. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Differences between Solid and Stranded Cable. Common name for IEEE

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Other organisations have also adopted the standard as well and given it their own numbers which will occasionally be seen.

Cable assemblies in various grades 4888 meet cost and quality requirements Exclusive adapters and couplers to help make daisy-chaining devices a snap and solve clearance issues Panel-mount switch boxes and bus-bars to improve organization of the system Hard to find connectors and covers for repair and protection.

As a short range communication bus, IEEE was easy to connect and configure. Maximum data rate is 1 Mbps Maximum bus cable length is 20 meters Maximum number of devices on the bus is Commands to control the same class of instrument, e. With the introduction of digital controllers and programmable test equipment, the need arose for a standard, high-speed interface for communication between instruments and controllers from various vendors.

Mechanical considerations limit the number of stacked connectors to four or fewer, although a workaround involving physically supporting the connectors iere be able to get around this. Interfaces are listed by their speed in the roughly ascending order, so the interface at the end of each section should be the fastest. Views Read Edit View history.


The intention was to create a reliable bus system especially designed for connecting computers and instruments. An IEEE bus can be configured as a physical star, in-line linear or a combination of both.

The GPIB standard has been established as the world standard in instrument connectivity. Same command names result in similar actions. By exactly defining the state of the bus and how devices should respond to specific messages, IEEE GPIB cables are typically used in test and measurement applications and are also used in DAQ data acquisition applications.

A command language syntax is defined and common properties of instruments are defined. Micro ribbon connectors have a D-shaped metal shell, but are larger than D-subminiature connectors. The TESTSYS protocol instructs each device to run its own self-tests and report back to the Controller whether it has a problem or is ready for operation.

PVC molded backshell over internal iee shell enclosure. A metal path usually copper that passes electricity. GPIB is widely used for enabling electronics test equipment to be controlled remotely, although it was also used in a many other ggpib including general computer communications.

What is HPIB · GPIB · IEEE 488 · IEC 60625 ?

In addition to developing a variety of Ieed hardware solutions, NI has extensive software solutions for a wide range of applications. When you consider the total value of the equipment that will be tied into a system, the cost of cables, adapters and accessories becomes only a small part of the total investment. Status Reporting Model Back to Top 3. For these historical reasons, there exist several names for the same interface.


Low bandwidth – slow compared to more modern interfaces Basic IEEE does not mandate a command language SCPI used in later implementations but not included on all instruments.

The specific points of contact within a connector.

History of GPIB

Instruments are allocated addresses in the range 0 to 30, and no two instruments on the same bus should have the same iere. Other key requirements for Controllers are bus control sequences and bus protocols. L3 – Listen only mode; unlistens if talk address received L4 – Unlistens if talk address received.

The physical topology can be linear or star forked.

What is GPIB | IEEE Bus | Electronics Notes

L-com offers the Most Value A reminder that the difference in cost between good quality wiring components and the IEEE cables offered by discounters is very little indeed. Common name for IEEE You prioritize the input list of devices so that the more critical devices receive service first.

More recent standards such as USBFireWireand Ethernet take advantage of declining costs of interface electronics to implement more complex standards providing higher bandwidth.

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