For an inexpensive, tough, light little mp3 player, this is a great choice. First of all I tested the MP3 section, and what I heard was exactly what they promised. Its quality is quite good for nonprofessional use, as well as the parameters: Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. Summary The iFT are quite advanced models among compact players, though some of their features look superfluous. A direct competitor taking into account the specs from Cowon is produced in three versions as well, but they have 64, and MB. I need power and lots of it.

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It was easy to sell the iMP when it was unique, but the new-comers have cheaper competitors with comparable features.

While not top of the line, the iRiver iFPT is a quality MP3 player for people who are just starting out or who do not require a large storage capacity.

The FM tuner is if for what it picks up, but is somewhat limited in range. The only thing not shown irivwr the picture is that the player has a slider for key locking. At present each model has covers of only one color.

IRiver iFP-180T Manuals

But if MB is sufficient, if you can’t do without a radio tuner and want a compact player with a maximum set of features and if you are ready to pay idiver it – the iRiver iFPT is an excellent choice. The record quality is not high, though it’s hard to expect more from a dictaphone. Video 3Digests Video cards: But its middle position i.


By the way, the company didn’t save on headphones and supplied those from Sennheiser. A slightly pricey but great sounding player that is small in size and big on functions, the iFP ofp easily expandable for new sound formats.

On the interstate, it has more range, but not what the Suburban picks up. It is exposed to dust, sweat, vibration and just general hard use.

What Hi-Fi?

Just have a spare AA battery in your truck and you’re good to go for another few months. Unfortunately, there is no a tag editor. Andrei Kozhemyako aka Korzh korzh ixbt.

The controls are very simple and after using it for so long I can use them without looking at it. I have gotten other ones since then that hold more songs and look cooler but I always seem to use this one. Memory There are three versions of the player coming complete with 32, 64 and MB.

iRiver iFPT Gray ( MB ) Digital Media Player | eBay

On the other hand, it’s always worth having with you a spare battery, and a battery of the AAA type is smaller: However, it’s OK with standard ones for AudioCD 44 kHz, that is why if WMA suits you as a storage format you can use it especially considering that there is everything necessary for creation igp such files in the Windows. Fortunately, there are no troubles with ID3 of both v. Sign in with LinkedIn Sign in with Facebook. You can move from one folder to another with the joystick when looking for a composition you need.


There are no problems with other frequencies. In if, the model iriveg available in gray with the following characteristics: The functions are distributed among them illogically.

iriver iFPT MB MP3 Player | Product overview | What Hi-Fi?

Actually, the software can be installed later if you set the way to the folder with the drivers first time. The player features a green backlit LCD screen, which provides a large viewing area for a player of this size, and can support up to 36 different languages.

The program also integrates a converter for REC files recorded with a microphone or from the air which turns them into standard WAV files. What could we lose? The screen can show something but it’s hardly possible.

You may also like. In particular, the SlimX iMP has the same. If iRiver extends the memory up to MB, that will be a nice add-on. Batteries last a long time.