Mail will not be published required. Nov 7, at 1: I would find my driver set and install them on the drive in the driver section of Windows with a DOS copy. Anyone got any info? Join the community here , it only takes a minute.

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Mar 17, Posts: The instructions are in the test. This is a seriuos defect of SATA system of the mobo, i think. After this is done, you will see other messages appear, and it will act as though nothing is happening, but eventually a screen will appear which will allow you to install the drivers for the SATA controller.

EXE file you downloaded and saved earlier.

Internal SATA Drives show up as removeable media

It can also be used to ‘sanitize’ or ‘zero’ or ‘wipe’ a complete hard drive by writing zeros to its data surface and completely destroy all data on the drive in the process. If it is IDE do I really have to redo everything from scratch?

Anyone got any info? Please be sure to follow each step of the guide if you are running into issues getting your computer to identify or install onto your new SATA hard drive.

creating SATA drivers floppy (Do I need a floppy?)

What you most likely encountered during the setup process was a screen which came up informing you Setup could not find any drives installed on your computer, and it could not continue. Are you sure there isn’t a “test. Follow the above steps as outlined in part one of this guide.


As long as your triple monitor color calibration settings are completely handled by the software I do not foresee a problem swapping the base hardware. In most cases it will return multiple files since there is usually more than one version of the program located on the motherboard makedisi.exe.

In most cases it should be defaulted to A: Click the “Drivers” one and choose makedisk.dxe package with a description of: Ask a question and give support. In those cases I would recommend using that option and then referring to the instructions below if you have any further questions or need information about how to use the program itself. Since we are going to be adding new hardware to the system make sure your computer is powered off, with the AC power cable disconnected from the system to prevent and possible hardware damage or injury while working inside the case.

Asus A8V + Sata driver HELP me please | Overclockers UK Forums

I too have an issue I am trying to work around similar to yours. I press enter and the floppy drive sort of makes a noise but then doesnt continue, then i just get the same message as above. Saga can leave a responseor trackback from your own site. I work in tech support at a call center and you would not believe how many people still have to do this…I thought makrdisk.exe article was pretty useful. I am going to attempt my own advice shortly.

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I was pondering how to do this a few months ago and the only solutions I found at the time involved creating a slipstreamed installation CD which to be honest seemed like a bit of a nightmare.


I know a lot of people who are hitting this page are having various issues getting their SATA drives setup aside from just needing to know how to load the drivers from the MB disk, so this will provide some really helpful tips.

The TBU CopyWipe page has links to the sort of equipment that makedisk.exf be used to attach hard drives in this manner and we have added a couple of examples in the notes at the end of this page. I need a bracket for my floppy drive Apr 28, This process locks the values in the registry.

I try to install anyways,tghen it give me a message saying something like this is a dynamic drive u can try formating the partition. Select which ever drivers pertain to the version of Windows you are using. Basically to format the drive to its full capacity you needed to make sure that you have all your Windows updates which it sounds like you do. You can now refer to the second portion of maakedisk.exe guide for how to use the Drivers Disk during the Windows installation process.

Once the system has finished loading makedissk.exe drivers needed for the installation it will prompt you to select you drivers off of the floppy disk. Once you have it selected you should see several files on the disk.