I’m on the internet several hours a day and I haven’t had any problems at all. The software was installing, and I could see the USB light flickering like crazy and my hopes were high. There are several products out there with similar options so there isn’t much to say. I can even use two drives at once in the case of transferring data from one drive to another. He said Mediabridge will ship it out right away at no cost. Most websites were not accessible to me because of the long wait. I waited and waited but the install seemed to be hung.

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Kudos to Mediabridge for backing their products and lowering my blood pressure. I did an uninstall of the software, ensured it was removed from the device manager and rebooted the computer in “safe mode”.

Medialink Wireless-n USB Adapter | eBay

My connection speeds were ridiculously 7kbps to 28kbps at most! This adapter worked right away and I don’t think I’ll have to worry about it ever. Hmmm, why isn’t the install finishing up?

No need to worry about compatibility with existing routers or gateways as this product is guaranteed to be fully compatible with all other brands of Finally got it to work with Windows 7 64 bit Gerald Knauss Michigan, USA June 13, There are many horror stories of people trying to get their wireless adapters working with Windows 7 64 bit, this is one of those stories, but with a happy ending, eventually. My speeds are almost identical to my pc that is directly connected to my router downstairs.


I removed my old USB adapter, inserted my installation CD, installed the software, plugged in my new USB adapter and at first I saw the same speeds of 7kbps to 28kbps for the first 5 to 10 minutes of using it. Maybe they wrong, maybe mecialink thought they mddialink 64 bit, but it was really 32 bit. Wireless transmission rates can reach up to Mbps. I decided to give it a try.

Medialink Wireless-n USB 2.0 Adapter

This is my second one, the first one I received as a birthday present. Less than two months after I got it, the adapter just suddenly stopped working.

The drive is quiet and was a perfect replacement for a hard drive gone bad. I recommend this product to anyone who wants a quality wireless adapter at a great price. It would sometimes resurrect itself like some little zombie, but would eventually return to it’s grave, one time finally for good.

In under a minute, the box was connected to my network and I was streaming YouTube video to my upstairs bedroom. Works like a charm, though – transfers data much faster than the standard USB 2.

He said Mediabridge will ship it out right away at no cost. Make sure I read them right, for a Windows 7 install, didn’t work.

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You’re taking the power capabilities of one port and running up to 4 media,ink. The driver installed nicely and the adapter worked, though I found the configuration utility confusing and could not figure out how to use WiFi Protected Setup WPS. Simple and easy to install and works well. It’s Velcro under the desk and hidden from view along with all the crap attached to it. I mentioned the problem to my computer geek cousin and he told me to purchase a medialink wireless adapter as it supports Windows Vista 32 and Medialink also includes a rather large desktop base with a hefty USB cable attached, should you want to use it.


At this point I was ready to cut open walls and run the ethernet cable to my computer. At this point I’m ready to punch a hole in the wall out of frustration. The phone was picked up after one ring and a customer service person rerouted me to medialinm support.

I believe that one of our cats had decided it to a chew toy. The installation was a snap. Even sites like eBay took a while just to output the whole page if the auctions were mdialink heavy. Speed was excellent, though. I was absolutely amazed.

I waited and waited but the install seemed to be hung.